Since ancient times, rock stacks known as cairns signaled journeyers and hikers that they were on the right path.  Our cairn marks the journey for leaders and organizations that aspire to take their performance to the next level.

Leadership Journeys LLC delivers tangible and measurable results including

  • Stronger leadership, team and individual performance
  • Fresh, actionable insights, cost effective HR strategy
  • Customer-focused high performance culture

…all designed to drive business strategy and measurable business outcomes: employee engagement, reduced turnover, improved productivity & quality, and client satisfaction essential for business growth.


Jan Anderson Cerny,
Certified Leadership Coach
Owner, Principal Consultant


rock bulletLeadership coaching

  • Assessment and development coaching
  • Leadership team meeting facilitation
  • Emergency replacement and succession planning
  • Manager learning workshops

rock bulletTeam building

  • Competency and process assessment
  • Team-based action learning
  • After action review
  • Process improvement

Journeys to meet the unique needs of:
Large and Mid-size Businesses
Small Businesses, Start Ups and Nonprofits
Associations and Trade Groups

Leadership Journeys LLC would love to develop the right
customized solution for you and your organization!

rock bulletOrganization          

  • Talent management function and organization effectiveness audits
  • Recognition, reward and compensation strategy alignment
  • Change management
  • Career coaching, professional development
  • Key talent retention & engagement
  • Focus group facilitation Linked In